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Two Ways to Prevent Getting Scammed When Thinking of Studying Abroad

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If you have seen recent news, you may have come across a group of Indian students who are protesting in Canada because their agents used fraudulent ways to show them admission letters. If you don’t want to happen that to you, you should be very careful when looking at your study abroad education consultants in Delhi or your agent.

Avoid dubious agents

First of all, agents and consultants are not the same. Agents are specific to one University or more, but consultants work is to guide you regarding what to study, and where to study outside India. Now, coming to agents, there are always authorized agents for some foreign universities and the best way to find them is through the website of the university.

The biggest sign of a fraudulent agent is that he or she will give “guaranteed visa” or “guaranteed admission” offers and charges you for that. They will tell you all kinds of stories like they have inside connections with embassies that will make sure you get your visa. But all of these are nothing but fraudulent claims; no Bonafede agent will ever make this claim because they know that embassies or even universities have a say in who gets a “Student visa” and who doesn’t. The same goes for admission; unless it is a fraudulent university in itself, there will never be a guaranteed seat against cash. Your academic qualifications will determine whether you get admitted or not.

Spot fake study consultant

As said before, the main job of a study consultant is to find the best courses for the student and recommend universities based on that. A good study consultant may have areas of expertise; for example, some may only cover Australian universities while others may only give information about Canadian universities. Whatever may be the case, good study abroad education consultants in Delhi will focus on the student’s capabilities, academic strength, and financial situation of the parent and then suggest corresponding courses and universities. If your study consultant is pushing for one particular university, or course, then there is a high chance that he is just a marketing executive for that university! Sometimes, they will offer to take care of all formalities from getting a visa to admission. However, this is something that the student should be doing on his own. So, these are the two ways to avoid getting scammed when you plan to study abroad.

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