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Deciding upon studying abroad can be a life-changing decision! Education plays the most important role in shaping up one’s life, personality, thinking and most importantly what one wants to achieve and become one day. Studying abroad can be a significant part of a well-rounded education. Where you can have exposure to world-class work experience and not just this but also to some mind freshening and energizing places that will keep your spirit high!

There are some obvious things you’ll need to be aware of before you go, but you should be ready for more than just a language and culture barrier. With proper preparation, your study abroad can be one of the best experiences of your life.

At University Leap, we are dedicated to assist you in framing a streamlined beginning. Being a study abroad consultancy in Delhi, we take great pride in ticking all the points given as follows:

Things to remember while travelling to study abroad:

  1. The right documentation :

Studying abroad can be a lot easier when you have all the required documents right with you! You will be asked to show your passport as you leave the United States, as well as when you enter the new country. You may also be required to have a visa for studying abroad; this all depends on the country you are headed to.

To keep your trip trouble free experiences keep your passport handy! Also, you may carry a pen along while travelling in a plane as you’ll likely need to fill out a bit of paperwork before entering your study abroad destination.

 2. Make your travel trip pocket-friendly:

When it comes to travelling, travel cost is the most likely thing to worry about! Gift yourself the peace of mind by purchasing the tickets in an appropriate time,  Actually, the most ideal-time to purchase your ticket is in the three-month range prior to your departure, as this is when the price is typically the lowest.

3. Keep an eye on your valuables :

You will likely be travelling with a few of your most prized possessions in town, maybe your laptop, your Smartphone, your iPod, your passport, some nice jewellery, or money. It is essential that you actively make an effort to keep track of your belongings.

4. Get your bank and online password situations in order:

One of the greatest frustrations you might encounter while studying abroad is a blunder with your bank. Make sure you alert them in advance and give them specific dates about when and where you are studying abroad. In this way, you will significantly decrease the chances of having an “uh-oh” moment when your ATM card or credit card is declined suddenly.

5. Talk to students who have studied abroad :

Make your study abroad trip a wonderful and enriching experience by knowing more about the host country. Talk to alumni of the study abroad program to get a sense of the successes and struggles of their experience. Talking to others who have completed the same program will give you a chance to ask specific questions and allay any fears you might have.

6. Be mindful about the culture:

Since you got to spend a good amount of time in the host country get familiar with its culture and cultural norms. As it is really difficult to adjust immediately in a new country with a different culture, having knowledge about it beforehand can make your stay a little easy.

7. Search out local connections:

You never know what kind of resources are right under your nose. Let your plans to study abroad be known, and tell people exactly where you’re going. Someone you know might have family, friends or another local connection that could end up being invaluable.

8. Pack smart:

Show your smartness by packing your stuff just according to the countries climate. For example, if you’re studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, during the fall semester in the U.S., you should be prepared for spring and summer weather. Find out if you will need any special equipment, like heavy-duty snow gear, for example. Pack copies of important documents, such as plane tickets, passports and credit cards for reference in case of an emergency.

9. Write down emergency numbers:

It’s a good idea to have a list of emergency numbers available just in case you need it. Include the numbers of trusted local contacts, your parents, your university, the embassy and other organizations that can help you get out of a jam.

10. Knowing that you can’t plan everything:

It’s a good idea to arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can prior to your departure, but there is no way to prepare for everything. Keep an open mind about your upcoming adventure. Any planning you do ahead of time will serve you well, but not knowing what will happen is part of the fun of travel.

For study abroad consultancy in Delhi, feel free to reach us at, +91 9899101239, 01149322334. You could also visit our office, for free career counselling or consultation.

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