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We expect to make it big in life, and keep pushing our limits for the same. On the same lines, we raise expectations from our study abroad dreams. Let’s see to what extent do the expectations and reality stand in front of each other?

  • Expectation: Making a lot of connections starting from the first day at the overseas university.
  • Reality: The first day could find you in a lonely and strange state, where you match eyeballs with many students but find familiarity with only a selected few. Those few could be from your country or anyone who is willing to strike a conversation. So, get your seatbelt on in this new journey, the ride is going to be fun and interesting for sure.


  • Expectation: Being Perfect at the Language Spoken in The Foreign Land on Tips
  • Reality: Even though the locals would speak the language of the foreign soil, still you would require time to pick up pro-skills in your linguistic programming. Speaking the universal language English would still be preferred with those who know it, before moving on the National language of the given country. So be ready for the adventure, as language could present you with many funny as well as learning moments about the culture of the country people.


  • Expectation: Fitness shall top the list!
  • Reality: If you’re not a foodie, but get to find so many options to eat then you could be unstoppable at trying various cuisines. The world is big and so are the possibilities! Quite literally, as your eyes set on the waffles & chocolate of Belgium, paella of Spain, Crèpes of France, pasta & pizza in Italy, and so on. So hold on to your fitness goals, but it is going to be difficult to maintain the fitness level given so many YUMMY eating options right in front.


  • Expectation: Lifelong Friends!
  • Reality: Well it holds true but to an EXTENT. The reason? People. You will get to experience friendships, relationships with people whom you get close to only to realize, what is right and wrong for you. In short, you GROW as a person meeting people from diverse cultures, beliefs and thought-patterns. And the best of all, you don’t make MANY, but FEW & TRUE FRIENDS FOR LIFE.


  • Expectation: Hell lot of Travelling, Discovering & Chilling!
  • Reality: Only if you get time off from submitting your assignments on time, attending lectures, making notes and studying for exams. Not to forget your part-time job when you might be required to get up at 5 AM or stay as late as 23:00 hours. But yes, good things take time; so be all set to DISCOVER real life in open reality.

Overseas education is going to be worth it all. Never miss this once in a lifetime experience, because by studying abroad you live through different perspectives and thought patterns. These help you grow and understand the world better. For a free consultation on overseas education, get in touch with study abroad consultants in Delhi, University Leap. Call us for any queries: 09899101239

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