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psychometric testing in delhi

Paths are innumerable, directions are wide but to shine, you’ll have to choose one path that sets you apart.

Growth across various sectors in the society is massive, competition is fierce by the passing day while creativity and innovation win the day! In short, the possibilities have multiplied; the key to which is the changing spectrum of how education was seen earlier and now. But how to understand the direction suitable for oneself, at a time when a plethora of opportunities criss-cross every day? To help ease and contemplate the situation better, certified education counsellors come to the picture. 

Education consultants have a very important and responsible role of showing a student the right path for his/her career growth. For that, they observe the scientific and analytical order of thoughtfulness of students. In simple words, it could be to judge their aptitude, skills and talents suitable for a variety of fields. There are specific tests that help parents, students and teachers stay assured of the career choice of the students. There are stream selector tests, a.k.a. aptitude & psychometric tests, to help students finalise their interest field for higher education.

Other services offered by the career counsellors in addition to the psychometric testing in Delhi are listed as follows:

  • Course / College Shortlisting

After discussion with the counsellors, the students can learn about global universities and courses available as per their preferences. This includes – gathering of the specific information related to the course like fee structure, scholarship opportunities, financial assistance from the banks, etc. Students get to meet foreign university delegates through the counsellors. This boosts the confidence and morale of students to take up a given course and select a university with free mind.

  • Application & Documentation

The career counsellors guide students on the application and documentation process in Indian and overseas universities. They prepare students with the application procedure, documents assessment, interview/entrance tests preparations amongst other necessary formalities. Counsellors hold good experience and knowledge of the requirements of foreign universities when it comes to granting admission to international students. For the best results, the counsellors help students in framing the statement of purpose and letter of recommendation also if required by the universities.

  • Visa Application 

Education counsellors assist students in visa planning. This saves the students from the stress of applying for the visa and communication with the foreign Nation’s Embassy.


psychometric testing in delhi
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Education consultants hold the expertise of their field, and they keep a regular check and updates of the courses/subjects offered in universities both within the country and overseas. Their expert guidance can be helpful for the students in reaching the best of their potential and skills. Get your career goals aligned to your aptitude and skill-set after taking a counselling session with certified career counsellors in Delhi. Call us for queries: +91 9899101239

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