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Psychology as a subject include study of mind, behaviour and analysis of the factors that influence its working. If you love knowing people’s thought process and push boundaries to remain positive in life, then a career in psychology can be fruitful for you.

However, psychology is not a single course but include many specialization areas, which we are going to discuss in this article.

Popular Psychology Course Specializations

  • Educational Psychology – Those who choose this field deals with guiding students of different age group to help them grow in academics and build a better future. So, it basically surround anything and every thing related to educational counselling. The scope of this specialization expands in growth & development, human behaviour, personality development, etc.
  • Industrial Psychology – Also known as Organizational psychology, it includes the application of psychological values and principles in an industrial organization to improve employees & overall company efficiency. Career profiles you can choose in this are Consultant,Research Analyst, Consumer Psychologist, Personnel Analyst, etc.
  • Community Psychology – If you are a community oriented person and look for opportunities to bring a change in the society, then this field is for you. Here, you as a psychologist promote mental wellness among the community members, study human beings social interaction and the impacts of society on one’s mental health. In this, you can choose the professions of Program Administrators, Counsellors, etc.
  • Criminal Psychology – After specializing in criminal psychology, you will be mental health professional within the justice system who will assess mentally unstable suspects holding criminal tendencies. The job profiles you can choose in this are Behaviour Analyst, Case Manager, Criminal Profiler, etc.
  • Counselling Psychology – The counselling psychologists help people control their negative emotions and generate positive vibes in life. They treat people with emotional and behavioural disorder & align their thoughts through encouraging and comforting methods. The different work profiles you can choose in this specialization are mental health, Rehabilitation, Education, Substance Addiction, etc.

Apart from these 5, the other popular psychology specializations are Media, Cognitive, Developmental, Social, Sports, Pediatric, and much more. We know it’s not easy to make choice and hence, we offer the high quality Psychometric Testing In Delhi facility for students to clear doubts professionally based on their strengths and weaknesses and not on their whims & fancies. 

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