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Essential Tips to Prevent Scams in Your Study Abroad Journey

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The decision to study abroad comes with so much excitement, worries, and concerns. You are exposed to so many new possibilities and new doors to explore. But there are enormous chances that you can get scammed. As you stride forward on this enriching journey, you can seek help from professionals and consult any of the best education counselor in Delhi.

Here, we have listed some essential tips you can follow to ensure that you don’t get scammed into making your dream of studying abroad a reality:

  • Do your Research

Do extensive research before embarking on your studying abroad journey. Every nation has its provisions and rules for accepting international students. For instance, if you wish to study in the UK, you must thoroughly review the universities’ websites you have shortlisted. Check out the undertaking, if it is public or private, their placement history, student’s profile, and recognitions. You must also learn how the education system works over there, its policies, regulations, registration rules, etc.

  • Don’t share personal information

While studying abroad, protecting your personal information is essential to avoid identity theft and scams. Be careful with whom and where you share your passport details, bank details, or any other confidential information. Important documents should be kept safe in both digital and physical form.  

  • Check the financial requests

After you have applied and received your offer letter from the institution or university, studying their fee structure, refund policy, and timeline is very important. Any accredited institution will have a clear advertisement for its financial concerns. Being an international student, there can be chances of undesirable delays and happenings, to avoid the extra hassle you must know how, where, and when you are meant to spend your penny.

  • Avoid housing scams

Be aware of scammers if you opt for private accommodation other than the university hostel or any friend’s or relative’s house. Always look for places recommended and reviewed by students living there, even better if they are somehow associated with the nation’s government. Hope we have helped you make informed decisions regarding the possible threats that appear on your way to study abroad. University Leap is one of the leading names providing career counseling in Delhi, and we can help you to ensure that you have a great experience in turning your dream of acquiring a foreign degree into reality.

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