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Unique & Different Courses in India That Could Define Your Career

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It has been rightly said that if you’re good at something never do it for free. Each one of us has some or the other interest and skill that we love to do and are good at. Wouldn’t it be interesting if someone told you that you can earn money out of the work you love to do? 

With the increasing and cut-throat competition in today’s world the demand for extraordinary skills is highly increasing. The time has gone when every other kid desired to become an engineer or a doctor. Everybody wants to be recognized in something unique and special. After all that’s what makes you stand apart from the crowd. Apart from some general courses, like bachelors of commerce or bachelors of Sciences, there are many other courses coming up, which make you distinct from others and its demand is at peeks.

Study abroad education consultants - university leapHowever, there are still many students who are not aware about these career options. So here are some unique and distinct courses, which can help you realize your hidden talent or can put your existing talent to earn you a good quality of life.

Here’s a list of unique courses prepared for you by the best career counsellors in Delhi. 

  1. App Development

The time is not far when every little thing can be done with the use of technology. In this technology-driven world where the creation of applications has somehow sorted our life a bit. Where phones are massively replacing the need of laptops and computers – if you have distinct ideas and you love playing with technology this career can prove to be the best for you. You never know which idea the market can go crazy for. There are many training centers and colleges that provide you with such training. Some are Gujarat University, LPU, BVP, Sacred Heart College, Kochi and some more.

2. Bio-Technologist

Have you imagined what it would be like to work with a mixture of biology and technology? Sounds crazy right? But it’s going to be the most demanding job in the near future. Biotechnologists work and research on the living organisms along with skyrocket technology, to create something innovative like pharmaceuticals or biofuels, etc. colleges like All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, DTU, GTU, etc. provide you with this course. 

3. Brand Manager

Every owner of a brand wishes that one’s brand remains on the top of all others. Keeping it on the top constantly requires an exceptional brand management skill, that’s where the need for a brand manager arises. A brand manager needs to find out new and innovative ways through which the brand value constantly reach to the people. To be a brand manager you should be a graduate in mass communication (advertising and marketing). Delhi University provides you with such degrees and courses.

4. Dietitian

A dietitian is a person who’s responsible for planning nutrition programs for people. A dietitian is trained to understand the body type of different people and suggests them a diet which will perfectly suit their bodies. With people being more and more health conscious, they prefer to have their diet planned by professionals to lead a healthy life. So if you’re keen to help others to live a healthy life and make a difference in their lives, then this option might prove to be the best for you. To be a professional dietitian there are various diploma and undergraduate courses offered to you by various institutes and colleges, such as VLCC, Amity University, Lady Irwin College amongst others.

5. Data Scientist

Data scientists are responsible for analyzing huge volume of data and then deliver results and decisions on the basis of analyzing. A data scientist must have a specialization in statistics, mathematics and of course computer science. Understanding data is the most important thing for the companies to run in the market and to keep their customers satisfied, that’s why data scientists are valuable and beneficial for the firms. Some renowned institutes like IIM Bangalore, IIT Kharagpur, and BRIDGE School of Management provide you with this course.

6. Entrepreneurship

Everybody dreams to be independent and startup their own venture someday or the other. Being and entrepreneur is a great thing in its own, you get to learn so much from your own victories and failures. Today all the richest people of the world are entrepreneurs. However not all are able to succeed, due to the lack of proper training and skills. To make sure that you’re the best in what you do, there are universities that provide you with what you need. Like amity school of business, Delhi business school, Delhi University provides you with courses to learn entrepreneurship.

7. Ethical Hacker

Do you find it fun and interesting to hack people’s ID? If yes, then you should know that it’s completely illegal to do so. But what if someone told you that you can do so legally and will be paid for it? Yes, that’s right. People who love playing with codes and letters, and have an extraordinary skill to crack the passwords and the people in demand to be the ethical hackers. College’s like Indian School of Ethical Hacking and Institute of Information Security and various others provide you training that you require being a professional ethical hacker. 

8. Graphic Designer

The identification of a product is done through the logos, slogans, and other information provided about it. A person can easily make up his/her mind in a few seconds, by looking up at the graphics of the product that is up for the sale. Since packaging, branding, and labeling act as a silent salesmen of the product, the company makes sure that it is as attractive as possible. That is where the demand for graphic designers arises. Few of the most famous college for it are NID, Ahmadabad, IIT Bombay, Pearl Academy.

9. Product Designing

With eye-catching logos symbols and quotes, it makes it easy to attract the consumer. However, to ensure that the consumer comes back again and again to buy that product depends upon the design of the product. This is where the extraordinary skills of a product designer sweep their way out. Many top-notch universities in India provide you with such courses. Some of them are NID, NIFT, International college of fashion and others.

10. Tea Tasting

Tea is the most common and favorite beverage that Indians consume. Most people like to drink different kinds of tea by adding different flavours. What if you’re told that you can make a career out of the same? Yes, exactly. Some universities in India like Birla Institute of Futuristic Study, Assam University of Agriculture and some others give you training and essential knowledge about tea that can help you in tea branding as well.

Some other colleges in India that offer some courses that are different from the mainstream courses. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Disk Jockey
  • Habitat Policy and Practice
  • Museum Studies
  • Pet Grooming
  • Carpet Technology
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management

And the list is endless and open for further research.

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