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The change of lifestyle because of long working hours and more reliance on technologies has taken a toll on human health. This has increased the demand for nutritious food and exercise, making it a growing field as a profession. If you are fond of nutrition and looking to pursue a degree in the field from abroad, then this is what you must know.

Top 3 Countries to Study Nutrition Overseas

  1. The United States of America
    The Universities in the USA offer degree in nutrition at all levels. But it is not cheap to study in the country. The tuition cost lies somewhere between $25000- $55000 per year, depending on the course type, duration and college. And the average housing cost is around $13000 per year.

    Colleges To Choose

    – New York University, Steinhardt
    – Boston University
    – Cornell University
    – Purdue University
  2. The United Kingdom
    Besides offering high-end graduate and post-graduate courses to domestic and international students, the UK is highly known for its Master of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition program. The universities in the UK offer a detailed and easy to comprehend nutrition curriculum for students to learn the theory & practicals well.

    Colleges To Choose

    – University of Surrey
    – Coventry University
    – University of Chester
  3. Australia

The country is a preferred choice of many Indian students because of its appealing lifestyle and affordable courses. Even the Study Abroad Education Consultants of Delhi include this country while counselling students about overseas education. The nutrition programs here cost around $17000- $27000 per year.

Colleges To Choose

– University of Sydney
– University of South Australia

Now that you know about the top 3 countries and the Universities there to build your career in nutrition, start your hunt of getting admission in the best college abroad by preparing strategically.

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